Publish your book with us

Why publishing with us

We publish your manuscript in printed books and ebooks. 

Unlike other self-publishing firms, we currently don’t charge authors any fees for preparing the manuscript and publishing your book.

Authors get 50% of net sales proceeds from the books we sell after deducting the sales proceeds (taxes, printing costs, retailer margins, and freight/postage).

How publishing with us 

The author provides the content and we work with the author to create books suitable for being sold.

  1. The author creates the book contents and emails us the manuscript to assess.
  2. We sign a publishing contract with the author.
  3. We then work with the author to produce the book (in print and eBook formats) and to list, promote and sell it.
  4. The author approves the book for printing/release.
  5. The author can buy print copies at low cost to sell. 
  6. We pay the author 50% of net sales proceeds of books we sell.

Submitting your book idea to us

Send us your manuscript in Microsoft Word format by email to  with details of your book including:

  • An abstract or summary of the content
  • Your expertise in the subject area covered by the book

We are also happy to discuss re-releasing as eBooks, books previously published in print.

Publication fees

If we accept your book for publication, we will not charge you any fees for getting your book ready and publishing it. A small publishing fee may apply for proofreading longer or complex books. 

Actually, we split the profit and authors get 50% of net sales proceeds of books we sell.