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Verständnis Law Journal

Volume 1 Issue 1

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(open access)

Children in EU Migration Law: Analysis and Evaluation.
By Morgana Dario Emerick

Corporate Governance and Sustainability as Ecological Modernization.
By Ecilia Saick

A Discussion of the Legal Principle of Good Faith in Contract Law and Its Connection to European Union Law.
By Lucianne Keijok Spitz Costa

The concept of public order in Choice of Court Agreements, the Perspective of EU Law.
By Frederico M. F. de Paiva Britto

Anticorruption Measures of the European Union.
By Carlos Alexandre Gutmann


(only in full issue)

Constitutional Complaint Against Service of Process in Germany of an Action Brought Before U.S. Courts – [2 BvR 2019/09]

Use of One’s Name in Relation to Freedom of Opinion and Right of Personality – TGCM series [1 BvR 131/96]

Headscarf Ban (Kopftuchverbot) [2 BvR 1436/02]

Limiting coercive medical treatment to a person under custodianship confined in closed accommodation is incompatible with the state’s duty of protection [1 BvL 8/15]


Liberal Criminal Theory: Essays for Andreas von Hirsch
by A. P. Simester; Antje du Bois-Pedain; Ulfrid Neumann (Editors)

Fundamentals of Legal Argumentation: A Survey of Theories on the Justification  of Judicial Decisions
by Eveline T. Feteris (Author)